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Axis-Y Vita Frost Chilling Essence: A Game-Changer for Glowing & Healthy Skin

Axis-Y Vita Frost Chilling Essence: A Game-Changer for Glowing & Healthy Skin

What type of essence are you currently incorporating into your skincare routine?

As someone dealing with Rosacea and skin sensitivity, a soothing and calming essence is a top priority in my daily skincare routine. So, when Beauty Barn launched the Axis-Y Vita Frost Chilling Essence, I couldn’t resist buying it.

The label on the Axis-Y signature green bottle packaging promises, “A soothing essence containing cooling ice capsules that revitalize tired skin and encourage a healthy complexion.” I was excited to try this essence, as recently my skin has been facing a lot of irritation, redness and my skin barrier has been compromised because of the extreme heat and humid weather in India.
Personally, I enjoy using the Axis-Y Vita Frost Chilling Essence immediately after my cleansing step. I’m a big fan of using toners but when I’m using the Chilling Essence, I skip the toner part. This is mainly because I enjoy the relaxing and cooling sensation on my face as the small white capsules of the essence burst into gel which transforms into a watery texture when it comes into contact with the skin. My skin immediately feels refreshed and cool. Now, this is a huge plus to lower the temperature of the skin and help with skin inflammation. You may continue with the rest of your skincare routine once the essence is fully absorbed.

Axis-Y Vita Frost Chilling Essence Texture

According to an Axis-Y blog post, “these small capsules are formed through “self-encapsulation technology” from Beta-Sitosterol, which is a phytosterol derived from plants that promote the regeneration of skin cells and improves skin barrier function.
I would wholeheartedly recommend this essence to people dealing with similar skin concerns to mine, like, rosacea, redness, sensitivity etc. But overall, this essence would also work like a charm especially during summer, or for somebody living in a warmer climate. Axis-Y reputation as a K-beauty brand shines through, especially for formulating and introducing climate inspired skincare products.

Axis-Y Vita Frost Chilling Essence

The key ingredient in the Axis-Y Vita Frost Chilling Essence is Vitamin E, which is a well-known antioxidant. It also features COOL-H, a patented technology which is what gives the “chilling effect” while using the essence. It also hosts a number of plant-derived ingredients such as Cucumber extract, Cauliflower, Bamboo extract, Water mint extract, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus.
In my experience, the Axis-Y Vita Frost Chilling Essence is incredibly effective. After a few weeks of use, my skin appeared brighter, and healthier overall. I genuinely love all Axis-Y products, but this essence is definitely one of my new favourites.


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