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Trying out the Axis-Y Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule

Hello, skinbees! Today, we’re diving into the heart of Korean skincare with a brand that’s been creating positive vibes in the skincare community: Axis-Y. As someone who’s always on the hunt for products that blend innovation with gentle formulations, I’ve used couple of Axis-Y products already. Known for their climate-based skincare solutions, Axis-Y tailors its products to work well with varying weather conditions, an often overlooked but crucial aspect of skincare. Let’s focus in on one of their standout products: the Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule.

Ingredient Deep-Dive:

The star of the show in this ampoule is, undoubtedly, the artichoke extract. Artichoke is well-known for its ability to enhance skin health, thanks to its rich supply of nutrients and antioxidants. What makes this ampoule a standout for sensitive skin types, though, is its thoughtful formulation.
The product is infused with centella asiatica, known for its soothing properties, and tea tree, which gently combats blemishes without irritating sensitive skin. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid ensures deep hydration without any heaviness or stickiness. These ingredients work together to strengthen the skin barrier, making it more resilient against irritants and environmental stressors.

Texture Deep-Dive:

Moving on to texture, the Axis-Y Artichoke Ampoule strikes a delicate balance – it’s neither too heavy nor too light. The ampoule has a slightly viscous consistency that spreads smoothly over the skin, absorbing quickly without leaving any greasy residue. This makes it a dream for those who struggle with oiliness, especially in the T-zone, as it delivers hydration without excess oil production.
The lightweight nature of the ampoule also means it layers beautifully under sunscreen and makeup, a must for any daytime skincare routine, particularly for those with combination to oily skin.

How to Use for Maximum Skin Benefits:

1.Pump a small amount of the ampoule onto your palm. Typically, 2-3 drops should be sufficient.
2.Gently apply the ampoule over your face and neck. Focus on areas that need more attention, like those with enlarged pores or inflammation.

3.Use your fingertips to tap the product into your skin. This method enhances absorption and stimulates blood circulation.
4. Wait until the ampoule is fully absorbed before applying the next product (like a moisturizer or sunscreen).


While Axis-Y’s Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule is undoubtedly impressive, for sensitive and combination skin types, those with extremely dry skin might find it lacking in terms of deep, lasting moisture.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Axis-Y’s Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule is a fantastic recommendation for anyone with sensitive, combination, or oily skin seeking to fortify their skin barrier and improve overall skin health. Since I have sensitive, rosaces-prone, combination type skin, I am using this ampoule in my current routine in the morning and at night. I’ve seen a gradual and visible improvement in my skin health.
Hope this review was helpful in making an informed, intentional decision for your next skincare purchase. Stay radiant and until next time, cheers to healthy skin!

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