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Valentine’s Day Edition: Couple That Does Skincare Together, Stays Together

Valentine’s Day Edition: Couple That Does Skincare Together, Stays Together

You might be caught up with life, doing this and that, and finding time with your partner can sometimes be a luxury. However, this Valentine’s Day take the time off and spend time with the one you love by not just getting her/him chocolates and flowers but also prioritizing skincare as this will deepen your connection and leave you both glowing inside and out. After all, a couple that does skincare together, stays together!

Let’s look at some fun and romantic ideas for incorporating skincare into your Valentine’s Day celebration with your partner.

Choose Products Together:

Take the time to research and select skincare products that are right for your skin types and concerns.


Don’t know your skin type? Read this- Skin Type: How To Find Out Your Skin Type At Home

Start With a Clean Face:

Before starting any skincare routine, you must wash your face. Go for a gentle cleanser that is suitable for each of your skin types and make it a ritual to cleanse together.



Exfoliating Session:

Incorporate exfoliators into your skincare routine to remove impurities and dead skin cells. This will  help boost skin cell turnover and reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion.



DIY Spa Experience:

Treat yourselves to a spa-like experience at home. Bring out the luxurious mask, apply it, and just relax together. Communicate, spend time, and enjoy the moment. This will also be a good time to reconnect.



Hydrate Inside and Out:

Drink plenty of water as it will help keep your skin healthy and glowing, as skincare is also about what you put into your body.

Also, apply hydrating toners and layer it several times if you want that supple and plump look.




Add serum for that extra care and skin-pampering action. Apply serums for each other and massage gently, focusing on areas that need extra attention.




Find a moisturizer that works for each of your skin types. Make it a habit to moisturize together morning and night. Bonus points for giving each other a relaxing facial massage as you apply the moisturizer!


Sun Protection:

Sunscreen is a necessity, whether you are indoors or outdoors. It will protect your skin from harmful UV rays, prevent premature aging, and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Make sure to remind each other to reapply sunscreen every two hours.



Valentine’s Day is all about that love and creating memories. Whether it’s the small gesture of buying each other’s favorite food or indulging in doing skincare together, it will always be cherished. Set your skincare goals together and enjoy every bit of it in the process. By practicing skincare together, you’re spending time on self-care not only for yourself but for each other, further strengthening your relationship.

This Valentine’s Day exploration of skincare together could establish a foundation for integrating skincare into your daily routine as a couple.



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