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Why Your Skincare Not Showing Desired Result

Have you been following a skincare routine religiously or using only the best selling products but cannot see any changes in your skin?
There may be a few reasons why you do not seem to be noticing your skin glow even though you seem to be doing all the right things. Keep on reading this blog post to know what’s the reason behind your skincare not working and find out what you have been doing wrong.

Not using the right product for your skin type/skin concern

Without knowing your skin type, you have purchased the product just because it was trending on the internet or it had amazing reviews or it really worked well on your friend. However, remember that what works for ‘them’ will not always work for you as we all have different skin types and concerns which need distinctive care and attention. Therefore, first know your skin type and understand your skin issue and then select products accordingly.

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Not giving time and changing products too soon

A skincare product will take one to three months or even more to show effective results.

So, it is necessary that you give some time to your skin to adjust to the products and listen to what it has to say. What you have to do is chill, enjoy the process of taking care of your skin and be patient instead of complaining about the product and jumping to another product.

Sometimes it can take three- six months of consistent use to see results for some vitamin C or retinol products. Thus for desired results, wait and give them time to work their magic!

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Applying products in the wrong order

One reason for your skincare product not working might be because of not following the correct order.

I was always confused as to which skincare product was to be applied first when I started my skincare journey. However, it’s not rocket science! The rule is to layer products according to their consistency. Just know that you can apply it from the lightest to the thickest consistency. Follow this rule so that the lighter product is penetrated and properly absorbed before the richer texture is layered to show proper result.

So you know what goes first and last.

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Not following a consistent skincare routine

The worst thing you can do is skip your skincare routine on those lazy days. I have been there and I’m sure you too know what I’m talking about. So, if you want your skin to show positive effects, be consistent with your skincare routine and the products that you are using. You know what they say, ‘consistency is the key’.

It doesn’t matter what product you use, if you aren’t consistent in using it then you won’t see the desired results.

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Using expired products

You seem to be using the right product, following the right order and following a consistent skincare routine but it does not seem to work. Chances are you are using an expired product.

If you apply expired products to the skin, it might even cause irritation or infections.

Note that skincare has a limited shelf life, which means it will expire in due time.

The shelf life of a sealed product is generally 2-3 years, depending on the product type or brand. In addition, there is a Period After Opening (PAO), which is found on the back, or bottom of your skincare product, and indicates how long it can be used after opening.

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Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalances can affect the efficacy of skincare products. Since hormones play a significant role in regulating various skin functions like oil production, collagen synthesis, and skin cell turnover, imbalances can affect how your skin responds to skincare products.

Therefore it is not always the product that we can blame. Skincare plays an important role in improving skin health. However if there are internal issues and if your hormones are imbalanced, then you shoot first look into the root cause and consult with a healthcare provider or dermatologist.

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Now that we have discussed some of the possibilities on why you haven’t achieved desired results through your skincare regime, we hope that you avoid these mistakes in the future and take into account our advice for a healthy and glowing skin.



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