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Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincare

Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincare

We rounded up our favorite propolis products in Korean Skincare and listed them! Skinthusiasts, here is the list of the best propolis products you can ask for and why you will love them! 

What was a little-known ingredient some years back has now found its way into numerous skincare products. Propolis skincare products are now trending for all the good reasons as it offers a plethora of skin benefits that you cannot ignore. And skin enthusiasts all over are gushing at this skin ingredient that comes with a major punch of skin healing elements.

Touted as a great remedy for acne sufferers because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it is also known to bring much relief in wound healing. It also works as a great antioxidant that protects our skin from environmental aggressors and is loved for its moisturizing effect. Dabble your skin in propolis and find your skin soak up the moisture. Its lightweight feel is sure to keep you hooked for a long time to come.

So, here’s a list of the best-selling propolis skincare products at Beauty Barn. Take your pick.

Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincare

A jar of the Cosrx Propolis light cream: One of the Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincare


Cosrx has drawn the effective power of the black bee propolis complex, which helps in delivering deep nourishment and antioxidants for soft and supple skin texture.

It is a lightweight gel-like cream texture that sinks effortlessly onto the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. The cream is an amalgamation of 65.69% of black bee propolis extract, honey, and royal jelly  extracts that work together to give a more plump and hydrated skin.

Bee propolis is also popular for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. This makes it possible for this cream to help in relieving acne problems.

Propolis synergy toner bottle: One of the Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincare


This refreshing toner is one of the best propolis products our team has used! After all, it comes packed with a heavy concoction of black bee propolis and honey extract that promises to give your skin a smooth and translucent finish.

a dropper bottle of the cosrx propolis light ampoule, One of the Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincareosrx propolis light ampoule,


It is an intensive gentle ampoule that is densely packed with 83% of Black Bee propolis extract, which is both an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. If you are looking at de-stressing your tired skin, douse your skin with this ampoule. It is a fabulous way to relax your skin while reducing redness and inflammation.

Even with a gluey texture, the ampoule is non-sticky. Plus, it manages to give you radiant skin without the greasy feeling. It also helps your make-up to stay intact.

A tube of the benton aloe propolis soothing gel: One of the Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincare


If your skin is oily, this is one of the best propolis products for you! It is gel-based and comes with a multitude of benefits as it is especially designed for oily skin types. The aloe content helps to soothe irritated skin while the propolis content work to combat acne scars, brighten the skin tone, and provide long-lasting hydration throughout the day. It is fragrance-free, which comes as a relief for those with sensitive skin.

A dropper bottle of the by wishtrend POLYPHENOL IN PROPOLIS 15% AMPOULE : One of the Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincare


This ampoule by Wishtrend uses Houttuynia Cordata extracts instead of water as a base, which is known to help in soothing acne. In addition to this, it uses 15% of propolis to aid in further improving acne-prone skin and sensitive skin. Propolis is a known anti-inflammatory agent that comes as a great respite for those suffering from acne.

A jar of the I'm from honey mask: One of the Best Propolis Products in Korean Skincare


This nourishing honey mask from the house of I’m From comes with a substantial amount of natural honey, like 46.44 g that provides deep moisturization for the parched skin. The soothing honey mask also works to gently slough off the whiteheads, giving way to a supple and clear complexion.

Did we match your list of the best propolis products? Which other product would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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