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What is Skincare Layering? Skincare Enthusiast Answers

What is Skincare Layering? Skincare Enthusiast Answers

What is layering?

Quite obviously, layering refers to adding one layer over the previous one. For example, wearing a T-shirt over a vest, a sweater over the T-shirt, and a coat over the sweater. Is there a limit to layering? I haven’t thought about that yet, but like anything else, there must be a limit to it.

Does layering apply to skincare? What does skincare layering mean?

Yes, the concept of layering also applies to skincare. Skincare layering refers to the process of applying your skincare products one after the other. It also applies to the 7 Skin Method, layering the same products like your toners more than once to get the desired hydration and the so beautiful, so elegant so Korean Glass Skin finish.
You might be wondering by now, “if that is really that simple why do i need to read about it?”
However, skincare layering is more complex than layering clothes. It comes with a set of rules that are almost set in stone and cannot be easily broken.
Despite this, many are still confused about the correct order of application and there is often a debate about it.
Take a look at this step-by-step guide by yours truly.

What is the correct order for layering skincare products?

We’ll start off with the art of double cleansing. If you are familiar with Korean skincare, then you’d know the process starts with an oil cleanser followed up with a water-based cleanser. Next, we introduce toners, exfoliators, essences, serums/ampoules, moisturisers, eye creams and sunscreen!
But, you might wonder, where do sheet masks, wash-offs, spot treatments, and other products fall? Well, this is where the adventure truly begins.

How confusing can it get and why are we debating it?

Nowadays, social media is filled with skincare Gurus, but mind you, Beauty Barn India provides the best skincare tips for free on Instagram! You’ve heard about layering products based on their consistency, from the thinnest to the thickest. So there you have it, that’s it.
Or so you thought. Just like the example about layering your clothes, have you ever wondered if you want to add a jacket, would it go before the blazer or after the blazer? Just like with some skincare products, though it’s under “The unwritten law”, this is where the skincare fandom split into two groups!

Which steps cause the most confusion?

You might be surprised to learn that the skincare routine begins with the cleansing step and extends all the way to the sunscreen step. Fortunately, the order of applying oil cleansers remains consistent, but this is only for the evening routine. In the morning, your water-based cleanser, such as Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, comes first.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to deciding which exfoliator to use first or where an essence fits in this routine, what serum should be used first if you wish to use other serums alongside your vitamin C, and finally, one of the most common and concerning mistakes is applying moisturizer after the sunscreen step. You need to be clear on this.

Let me tell you what to do!

Note these tips down. It’s going to save you so much trouble from visiting the derms and crying your eyes out to sleep.


If it’s watery-like toner, use it as your first step, but if it is more viscous and serum like, layer it post toner, watery essence.


Mostly goes immediately post wash, or after first step toners and essences.


We love a versatile product, and essences are one that works as a toner or serum so it really comes down to the consistency and the direction on the back of the product.


Right before moisturizers is the perfect time to layer your serums, after toners or exfoliators works well too. But when it comes to layering your serums, if you have a light texture or vitamin C serum like Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop,, apply that first then follow with the other serum.


Sheet Mask works as your toner, essence or serum step or all in one. Just check the consistency first and then let it do its job. Sheet masks like the Axis-Y 61% Mugwort Green Vital Energy Complex Sheet Mask have so much moisture, you can apply moisturizer first after this step but after sheet masks like Beauty of Joseon Centella Asiatica Calming Mask you can still add a layer of serum, if needed.


Creams go last but this applies only during your night time routine. Sometimes you have facial oils that go instead or even a sleeping mask, which is just another cream but thicker consistency that comes in after your moisturizer.


Sunscreens always go on the LAST step during your morning routine. This allows both the UVB and UVB filters to block UR rays before doing a number on your beautiful skin.

Final Layer?

Layering products in the right order, right steps and right required amount is honestly, the key to healthy and glowing skin.



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