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An Inspirational Content Creator Story- Skintastic Snigdha

An Inspirational Content Creator Story- Skintastic Snigdha

Hi Beauty Barn Community…

I’m Snigdha Jayaswal from India. I’m a spine injury survivor and have been bedridden for five years. I create skincare, hair care and makeup content. I originally started this with the reason to motivate myself. Not long after my journey began, I was delighted to receive messages of how I motivate my audience, and it is simply so heart-touching and healing for me despite my unrecoverable wound. So, from the content I make, people not only get to see content related to skincare and others but also my journey as a spinal injury survivor.

My Survivor Story….

I had this spinal injury back in August 2017. I’ve undergone numerous treatments and four major surgeries and I’m now bedridden. I’ve also undergone many pain management treatments to control pain of neurological damage where I was given end number of steroids but they didn’t work which did affect my skin and hair.

My Source of Motivation…

Despite all this phase of massive downfalls, what motivated me was my role model, Muniba Mazari. She is a motivational speaker from Pakistan and she too is a spinal injury survivor Watching her has made me to accept that even if I too can’t walk, I can lead a successful life like her and achieve my goals and aspirations.

My Skincare Journey…

Well, it all started in 2020, when I first purchased a Miniso handheld mirror and saw my face for the first time after three years of being bedridden and saw that it wasn’t in a healthy state. With access to a lot of skincare brand websites where they clearly mention about causes, and treatment options, I started learning the basics. Eventually, by exploring different brands I learned more about skincare. After four months and by the end of 2021, my skin had improved a lot!

Female displaying her Korean skincare products
Finding and Sharing Inspiration Through Skincare: Snigdha displaying her Korean skincare stash as she gets ready for another day of creating content educating her audience on the importance of maintaining a healthy skincare routine.

I Discovered Beauty Barn…

In this whole journey, I can’t thank Beauty Barn enough for bringing to us amazing Korean beauty brands that work so well for all Indian skin concerns. I also enjoy Beauty Barn’s amazing order processing, customer care and delivery service all across India.

Initially, when I was searching for COSRX products in India, I came across their social media handle and had asked them about COSRX products. They sent me over their website link and I was amazed that they source so many varieties of COSRX and other K-Beauty brand products which are 100% authentic.

My Foray into Content Creation…

I create content by sharing honest reviews of daily skincare, hair care and makeup routine which are helpful for me. I also started posting my pictures on my social media stories stating the products I’ve used along with the before and after results. Then my friends came to me with their skin concerns and I started recommending them products after listening to their concerns. After they started seeing positive results, they encouraged me to start a blog page, so that I can help people out with right product recommendations on a larger scale. I’m not a doctor, but I’ve studied about skin with whatever resources available in depth. I would definitely be happy to consider doing further specializations in it too. As such, my journey began on Instagram where I’ve began posting skincare contents.

Behind The Content Creation Process…

I do the editing and posting and my mother helps me with the shooting. My mother is a strong pillar to my work. My mother is the one giving me the strength and motivation to keep going.

Skincare to me is all about…

I believe skincare is all about self-love. Back when I saw my skin for the first time after the injury, it came to my realization that my skin needed love and care. As I started taking proper care of my skin it not only treated the existing skin issues but also made me confident, and feel good about myself. It also gave me a platform to interact with companies like Beauty Barn to learn more about the science behind our skin (with my present immobile situation, I got something so good to occupy and keep myself busy).It built me into who I am now of which as a result, you are reading my story today. This was my ticket to growth exposure. Although tiny the growth may be, it gives me a sense of healing from my irrecoverable wound. This feeling is what keeps me going.

My Top K-Beauty Products…

I love the COSRX Full Fit Propolis Ampoule. It’s so good, moisturizing, works as anti-inflammation at same. Then I also love ISNTREE C Niacin Toning Ampoule and ISNTREE C Niacin Toning Cream which works amazing brightening serum for all skin types. It makes my skin radiant, glowing and treats my hyperpigmentation, sun damage, etc. ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel is my most favorite sunscreen. Lately I’ve also been loving the newly launched, AXIS-Y  Heartleaf My Type Calming Cream which is so lightweight in texture and gel-based cream but very moisturizing & soothing.

My skincare routine…

Initially, when I was a newbie/novice to skincare, I used to follow a basic C-T-M routine (cleanser-toner-moisturizer) for both AM & PM and additional sunscreen for morning AM routine. Now, I practice an advanced 10-step Korean skincare routine because that works well for me. As for my routine, I incorporate actives depending on what my skin needs at that particular time. I also never compromise on eye care and lip care.

Female displaying double cleansing products
(Left)-Oil-Based Cleansing Step. (Right) Water-Based Cleansing Step. Snigdha teaches her audience how to practice the popular ‘Double Cleansing’ Korean skincare step!

Skintastic Snigdha’s Top 8 Skincare Tips to Achieve Healthy Skin:

  1. Never skip sunscreen during daytime. Use a Sunscreen of SPF 30 and above. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.
  2. Double cleanse your face at night irrespective of the fact if you’re wearing makeup or not. It’s very important for your pores to breathe fresh at night.
  3. Wash your face with a cleanser not more than twice a day if you’ve oily skin and you can keep it till once a day if you’ve dry skin. Washing more than twice a day for even oily skin, can strip off natural oils from skin and that may even lead your skin producing more oil, thus resulting in oilier skin.
  4. Moisturizer should be used by all skin types. Even for oily skin, it’s very important for oil control that you use a moisturizer. Or else your skin being confused releases more oil to moisturize your face. So, if you keep your face moisturized, your skin will produce less oil naturally. For oily skin go for gel based, lightweight and oil free moisturizer.
  5. Don’t pop your pimples as that can cause severe hyperpigmentation. Instead use spot patches or spot treatment creams and that works well to correct acne zits.
  6. Exfoliate your face not more than thrice a week. Start with once a week and then increase gradually as your skin responds. If you’re facing over exfoliation skin concerns, then start using barrier repairing products. Understand your skin needs at that particular time and plan to exfoliate your skin accordingly.
  7. Use face mask minimum one to maximum three times a week.
  8. Don’t forget to include eye and lip care too!

You can find me @skintastic_snigdha on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & Pinterest.

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Skintastic Snigdha

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Snigdha Jayaswal is a spine injury survivor and she creates skincare, hair care and makeup content.



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