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How Bee Propolis Can Change Your Skincare Game

How Bee Propolis Can Change Your Skincare Game

Bee Propolis is one of the lesser-known ingredients in Korean skincare that has garnered its own fan following in recent years. Many of us may still be unaware of the benefits this ingredient offers. But if you dig deeper, you will realize what a real gem of a skincare ingredient this ‘Propolis’ is.


Propolis or “Bee-glue” is a resin-like mixture that bees create by combining the tree bud’s sap flows and their own beeswax. This blend results in a glue-like sticky substance which is the Bee propolis. The bees use this product to seal the crevices in their hives and to keep it sterile in order to protect themselves from the harmful bacteria. Amazingly, only bees are capable of making propolis. The process of bee propolis harvest involves gently removing the bee glue from the hive box. Beekeepers use a precise tool that has the sole-purpose of harvesting propolis.

A pile of (a) bee propolis (raw product) with a filled scooper  on top of it


Bee propolis has been the subject of many studies regarding the healing properties it offers. There are studies that suggest Propolis comes with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, that can prove to be very effective in combating acne problems. It also works as a great anti-inflammatory agent that protects against harmful bacteria.

There are also studies that suggest how bee propolis works as an effective antioxidant in protecting our skin from the free radicals.


Bee propolis has been in use since ancient times for healing purposes. The ancient Greeks and Assyrians used it for wound healing purposes. While the Egyptians used it to preserve the mummies in the embalming process, their own Princess Cleopatra is also believed to have used bee propolis to preserve her skin from aging.


If you consider all the skin benefits that Propolis comes with, the list is quite endless.

Propolis comes with amazing moisturizing benefits. You do not have to worry about having your pores clogged with heavy moisturization. As propolis provides effective moisturization without clogging your skin pores, you can slather on and enjoy its smooth texture.

With all the skin benefits it offers, one thing that remains indisputable is its healing properties. Propolis has been known for its wound healing properties since ancient times.

For acne sufferers, propolis is a real treat for their skin. Because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, propolis has shown high efficacy in treating acne problems.

Bee propolis also comes with antioxidant properties that shield the skin from the harmful free radicals and protect our skin from aging. It also works its way to give your skin new cell turnover.

As it turns out, bees are not the only source of delectable honey but they hold the secret to making our skin absolutely stunning and gorgeous. We need to treasure this little-known skincare ingredient as a delightful gift from the bees.

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