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Does the Hugely Popular I’m From Rice Line Really Work?

Does the Hugely Popular I’m From Rice Line Really Work?

I'm From Rice Line consisting of Rice toner, rice serum and rice cream

Does one of K-Beauty’s top skincare trio, the I’m from Rice Line that includes a toner, serum and cream, live up to its claim?

Read on for a more detailed impression on each skincare product and how it’ll help you achieve healthy, glowing skin:

I’m from Rice Toner

Showing what the I'm From Rice Toner bottle from the I'm From Rice Line looks like

The I’m from Rice Toner has been extremely popular since its launch. Skincare users love this toner because it is not only a brightening and hydrating toner, but it also smoothens the skin!

This is mainly due to key ingredients in this toner like Organic Rice which makes the skin radiant and moisturized, and Gamma Oryzanol which helps in brightening dull complexion.

Here’s a quick tip to apply this toner effectively. After cleansing your face, shake the bottle well to mix the emulsion layers and the water properly. Then use a cotton pad or your hands to apply an adequate amount of the toner to your face.


As you can see from the image above, the texture is very watery and it has a milky colour which is similar to actual rice water! However, it absorbs extremely fast and does not leave any greasy feeling on the skin!

This toner is suitable for all skin types but Dry skin type and Dehydrated skin will particularly benefit from this toner. If you struggle with dull, fatigues as well as dry, irritated skin, the I’m From Rice Toner is a must- add to your skincare routine.

So, does the Rice Toner actually make any difference to the skin?

Yes!!! Thanks to its hydrating formula it truly lives up to its claim. It gently brightens uneven skin tone and leaves skin feeling hydrated and supple.

Here’s an amazing skincare tip for an added glow! Use the rice toner right after exfoliating your skin! This step will truly give you bright, glowing skin!

I’m from Rice Serum

Showing what the I'm From Rice Serum Bottle from the I'm From Rice Line looks like

Next, let’s check out the I’m from Rice Serum.

The I’m from Rice Serum is similar to the toner- it is formulated to act as an intense hydrating serum that provides long-lasting nourishment. It is enriched with Niacinamide, and multiple skin conditioning ingredients like 73% Rice Germ Fermented Extract. It is also rich in vitamin B and powerful antioxidants which boosts collagen production and improves skin elasticity.

After you’ve cleansed and prepped your skin with the toner, dispense a good amount and apply it over your face evenly. One pump of the product is enough to cover your entire face and neck.


The I’m from Rice Serum is water-based and extremely lightweight and hydrating. It has a white pearly tint to it, spreads, and gives a healthy glowing finish on the skin. There is no particular fragrance or scent and it doesn’t irritate skin.

Does the Rice Serum actually make any difference to the skin?

Yes! And, this serum is specifically recommended for sensitive skin type in search for a good serum to go for this one! It can be used both in the day and night time. Use this serum together with the I’m from Rice Cream to double the benefits!

I’m from Rice Cream

Rice Cream from the I'm From Rice Line

The Rice Cream has been specifically formulated to support the skin barrier, maintain moisture levels, help control sebum and nourish skin. It contains 41% rice bran extract, which is rich in ceramide to help improve your skin tone and strengthen its barrier.



The I’m From Rice Cream has a light balm texture and is quite silky to the touch. It is particularly recommended for dry skin and combination skin types. Don’t forget to use this together with the Rice Serum to maximise the benefits!

Does the Rice Cream actually make any difference to the skin?

Skincare users love that this cream helps to regulate hydration levels throughout the day— its clever formula leaves the skin soft and supple but never greasy.

Okay, here are some Takeaway Points from this review:

  • All the three products from the I’m from Rice Line are Vegan!
  • The Rice line has fuss-free minimal ingredients.
  • It is alcohol and fragrance free, which makes it safe to use for sensitive skin types.
  • These three products have a beautiful rich texture that is not at all oily, and layers well with other skincare products.
  • All the three products are excellent choices for people with sensitive and irritated skin.
  • The rice line really lives up to the hype and hydrates and brightens the skin! Why don’t you give it a try?

Has this review proved useful and gave an in-depth look at the I’m from rice line? Please do share your own thoughts and reviews on these three products in the comment box below.

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