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Why You Should Use Eye Cream

Does eye cream make any difference? Can they really reverse or stop the aging process around the eye? Why should I invest in an eye cream? They are costly and hardly do anything! I am sure many have such questions in the head when asked to use an eye cream. But eye creams can work wonders for you if done right! So here’s my take on why you should use eye cream and how it’ll help you.

Eye Cream: The Basics

Eyes creams can turn out to be a failed purchase if not selected as per actual concern and without tackling the underlying reason behind dark circles and fine lines. Always remember, that when it comes to eye care, Prevention is the Key.

Right eye care products will delay pre-mature wrinkle formation and one can avoid the prominent panda looking eye and fine lines too. The 40 years old of you will be thankful later. Eye creams help keep skin around eyes hydrated and moisturised, thereby keeping eyes plump and bright. This automatically keeps fine lines at bay.

What Weakens The Skin Around Your Eyes?

Some of the primary reasons behind the bad skin condition around eyes are:

  • Bad Sleeping Cycle or just not getting enough sleep.
  • Excessive dryness around the eyes is a very common reason.
  • You got to blame your phones, laptops, tablet and TVs at last for the dark circles.
  • Rubbing your eyes too often can also cause dark circles and fine lines.
  • Not removing the eye makeup. Going to bed with makeup on is not only bad for your face skin but also the eyes. The mascara, kohl, liner, eye shadow, etc settles into pores and fine lines around eyes, further worsening the situation.
  • Being too rough. Too much of tugging or rubbing of skin while removing those waterproof long-lasting eye makeup will eventually make your eyes look dark and the fines lines will turn into pre-mature wrinkles.
  • Dark circles can be very prominent if one has deep-seated eyes. The shadow from the Eye socket actually gives an illusion of dark circles.
  • Aging, with aging the skin collagen keeps breaking down and skin loses its elasticity. Thereby, shrunken skin causing wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Do get a health check-up done, as some health concerns or deficiencies can be reason behind dark circles.
  • Finally, even if you are healthy, genetically one can have dark circles too.

How To Pick An Eye Cream?Half a girls face with 3 dots of cream around the eye. Decorative image for the post "when it comes to eye care, Prevention is the Key.  Right eye care products will delay pre-mature wrinkle formation and one can avoid the prominent panda looking eye and fine lines too"

  • Make sure your eye cream is as per your skin type.
    • Oily skin people must go for a gel or gel-cream consistency eye cream. This will prevent formation of milia.
    • Dry skin people should opt for thick nourishing eye cream, as in the case of dry skin, excessive dryness is the reason behind bad skin conditions around eyes.
  • Also, you want to make sure, that the eye cream is made for your concern and age. Most of the time eye creams are made separately to target dark circles & fine lines, and for the matured skin, they are made very thick and nourishing.
  • To treat Dark Circles, go for an eye cream that contains skin brightening ingredients like
    • Licorice extract.
    • Vitamin C derivatives.
    • Niacinamide.
    • Arbutin.
    • Concentrated Antioxidants.
  • To reduce or control fine lines and pre-mature wrinkles, go for an eye cream that contains:
    • Shea Butter or any kind of plant butter.
    • Peptides.
    • Glycerin.
    • Ceramides.
    • Fermented Ingredients.
    • Adenosine.

Eye Cream FAQs

  • What is the right age to use an eye cream?
    • Start with a basic eye cream that adds moisture and hydration from the age of 15. Then keep upgrading with change in age and concerns.
  • Can I use my face creams for eye care?
    • Eye creams are formulated in such a way that they do not irritate the eyes even if a little seeps in.
  • Can I use my eye cream on the face?
    • Yes, if you do not have acne. In case of acne issue, just use an eye cream on laugh line, neck, and forehead. Avoid the acne-prone area of your face.
  • Why am I getting milia from my eye cream?
    • The eye cream might be too thick your skin type or your skin is reacting to its ingredients. In such cases go for gel or gel-cream kind of products.
  • Can an eye cream irritate my eyes?
    • Yes, this can happen when eyes are extremely sensitive or if one is having some eye allergies. In such a case, always go for fragrance-free and essential oil-free eye creams. If the allergies are serious discuss them with your doctor.
  • Can I use my pure Vitamin C serum to fade dark circles?
    •  No. Never. It’s a very potent product and will only cause harm. In fact avoid any exfoliating products around the eyes.

Essentials To Keep An Eye Out For

  • Benton Fermentation Eye CreamFragrance-Free, oil-Free and is perfect to tame fine lines. Suitable for all skin types and for age group of 15 years to 35 years. Don’t forget to warm the eye cream between the fingers before application.


  • Isntree TW Real Eye Cream – A very rich eye cream, ideal for very dry skin and for matured skin. Helps in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Ideal for age group above 23 years.

Want younger-looking eyes? Here are the eye creams you should be using!

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