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The Pimple Patches That Heal Zits Overnight

The Pimple Patches That Heal Zits Overnight

The Some By Mi Clear Spot Patch is my current favourite, and I don’t see myself exploring anything new now. Yup! I now accept that the Some By Mi Clear spot Patch exceeds my love for Cosrx Pimple Patches. And I was using those for more than 2 years! So you can only imagine how good these spot patches by Some By Mi are. If you’re looking for spot patches that heal zits overnight, look no further!

An Introduction To The Some By Mi Clear Spot Patch

Some By Mi Clear Spot Patch comes in 2 different sizes, 9 in bigger size (12 mm) and rest 9 in the medium size (10 mm). So we get total of 18 in a Pack.

These spot patches are nothing but a hydrocolloid adhesive Tape of thickness around 0.39 mm. They are thick in the center and thins out towards the edges. The Some By Mi patches, in comparison to the Cosrx Pimple Patches, is thinner than the “Cosrx acne pimple patches (red one)” and little thicker than the “Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patches (Black one)”.

A clear sheet with pimple patches on top of a palm with 2 Some By Mi Clear Spot Patches packets in the background

What I Liked About These Pimple Patches

  • Some By Mi Clear Spot Patches stick better to the skin than any other patches that I have used. I struggle with inflamed whiteheads around my nose folds and even at the edges of my lips (apart from seasonal papules on my cheeks) throughout the year. We all know that sticking anything at these folds is a challenge. However, the Some By Mi patches remain stuck until taken off.
    Take a look at the image shown below. I used that patch at the fold of my nose. That’s why it is a bit folded from the corner, but it still remained intact to the skin until morning.
  • They suck out the gunk way better and more efficiently. I use pimple patches on my pimple that has gunk almost surfaced on the top or on the popped ones. When I apply the Some By Mi Spot Patch overnight, in the morning it turns all white (gross, as shown in the picture below), which is a good indicator that it has worked very efficiently.
  • Finally, the acne spot heals much faster. Usually, the extracted spot will take almost a week to heal fully. But with some by mi patches, I observed that the extracted pimple heals in 2-3 days. Proper and quick healing process reduces the chances of severe scarring.

A used pimple patch with a little pus


Whenever I use the “Some By Mi Clear Spot Patch”, I always see some peach fuss or a tiny hair from my upper lip along with the gung.
Just in case if it get stuck badly to your skin, the brand suggest that you use a warm water to remove the patch from skin. Do not forcefully remove the Patch.


I use my pimple patches, at the last step of my routine, but only after cleaning and drying the pimple area with a cotton swab or a clean soft cloth. This way patches stick better and perform more efficiently.
• Also, I do not waste my pimple patches on very deep-seated pimples like nodules & papules (For this I have the Jumiso AC Cure Spot Cream). Patches always work best on pustules and inflamed whiteheads.

Yes, my current Some By Mi Spot Patches Pack is left with only one patch but there’s two more on the way! I just cannot imagine my stash without it.


Here’s a quick video on Pimple Patches:

Which pimple patches are your favorite? Do let us know in the comments.

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