The Glass Skin Trend in Korean Skincare

The Glass Skin Trend in Korean Skincare

If you are an avid follower of the K-beauty trends, you have probably come across the term ‘Glass skin’ in Korean skincare. And if it left you any curious, we will take you through the details on glass skin and look at basic steps to achieve that glass-like transparent and luminous glow.

Glass Skin and how it all began…

Like all beauty trends that somehow find its roots in South Korea, it is no wonder that the Glass Skin beauty trend also finds its origins in this country. Glass Skin was first called Yuri-Pibu in Korea that symbolizes the natural, flawless complexion, without the need for make-up.

Glass skin refers to the clear-like glass, translucent, pore-less, and luminous complexion, that is blemish-free and well-hydrated with a smooth, dewy look.

Given the 10-step skin regime as an ideal skincare routine in Korea, glass skin is not easy to attain. Glass Skin does not happen overnight as it calls for time and effort. It requires a strong commitment to follow a proper skincare routine to achieve the kind of glow only a glass skin can flaunt.

If you are wondering how to achieve the glass skin, well…as the skin experts suggest, it all depends on the layering. Glass skin routine involves the layering of numerous lightweight and hydrating products to give your skin a glowing and dewy look, and the kind of softness that mimics a baby’s skin.

Here’s a quick lesson on how to achieve the ‘Glass Skin’ look.

To attain the ‘Glass Skin’ look, you need to curate a skincare routine that will transform your skin. It is not like your basic skincare routine or the 10-step Korean skincare routine. The ‘Glass Skin’ routine aims at layers of hydration, and calls for a lot of pampering and love for your skin.


Double cleansing is the foremost and most crucial step to get started with the ‘Glass Skin’ routine. As your skin exposes itself to the external elements like dust and pollutants, along with make-up residues, it is essential to get the double cleansing done. An oil cleanser will gently remove all dirt and grime, and excess oils from the skin surface and beneath. While a balanced pH cleanser will smooth away all remaining dirt and residues to reveal brighter skin.


Exfoliation is another crucial step as it helps to minimize the way pores appear while revealing more radiant skin. You can try a mild physical exfoliator, or if you are more of a chemical peel person, you can opt for gentle AHAs or BHA. They work to banish away the dullness and give your skin an instant glow.


The other important step is to hydrate your skin with a mild, hydrating toner and essence. Toners not only add a good dose of hydration to your skin, but they prep your skin for the next steps in skincare. Hydrating toners make way for the following products to be absorbed more effectively, which is why they boost the products’ efficacy. Go for hydrating products with brightening agents that will instantly lift the mood of your skin.


The final step to achieving the ‘Glass Skin’ effect is to moisturize and layer on a good amount of sunscreen. This step is crucial as we all know, proper hydration and sun protection are significant for healthy, glowing skin. This goes for all, irrespective of anyone who is aiming for a ‘Glass Skin.’

You can finish it off with a light foundation or a BB cushion to even out your skin tone and add a dewy and smooth texture.

To maintain a consistent skincare routine may seem overwhelming at times. But miracles do not happen overnight, and neither is the ‘Glass Skin.’ Discipline yourself to maintain a consistent healthy routine, and time will surely reveal your efforts. It begins with baby steps, but with genuine effort, it is possible to achieve that ‘Glass Skin.’

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