Superfoods For a Glowing Skin

Everybody wants that healthy glow. But unless you treat your skin conditions internally, that glow remains elusive.Our food habits can directly affect the condition of our skin. As they say, “You are what you eat.” If you follow a healthy food regime, chances are it can find its way of revealing that extra glow on your skin. What you eat does reflect on your skin.

So, here we are with a list of the superfoods for a glowing skin. If they are not on your grocery list, may be its time to add them to your list.

GOJIBERRY – This berry is a powerhouse of antioxidants that helps in fighting off the free radicals that speeds up the aging process. So, if you are looking at delaying the aging process, stock up on heaps of this berry. This glow food comes packed with tons of vitamins and minerals that your skin will love. They work to keep your skin moist and well-hydrated and aid in active cell regeneration for a youthful skin.

AVOCADOS– Avocados are a superfood that your skin will love to feed on. They have major fat content that helps to absorb vitamins and phytochemicals from all kinds of food you take. Also, a rich source of vitamin E that are known to be extremely beneficial for skin. While protecting your skin from free radical damage, it minimizes the signs of aging. Vitamin E in avocados helps in dilating the blood vessels, that helps to draw more oxygen and vital nutrients that are great for your skin.

BEETROOT – This glow food is packed with vitamins and minerals that gives you a radiant looking skin. Those looking to find some relief from acne and pimples may benefit from including this superfood in your diet. Its vitamin rich content like iron, potassium and niacin also work to clear dark spots and blemishes. For a healthy, glowing skin you can include it in salads or use it as a face mask to reap its skin benefits.

SALMON – A great way of achieving a healthy glow is by increasing the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. It could be especially beneficial for those with dry skin as it helps to lock in moisture and gives you luminous skin. It is also believed to protect the skin from some types of skin cancers. So, ramp up your intake on omega-3 fatty acids from salmons and walnuts, chia and flaxseeds for all the glow your skin needs.

KIWI – This flavorsome fruit delivers all the vitamin C load your body needs. Vitamin C rich foods helps in producing more collagen in the body, which means you get to have more supple and youthful skin. One kiwi a day is enough to provide you your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C as it contains more vitamin C content than Oranges.

In addition to being a vitamin C dynamo, this fruit is also rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Combined with all these vital vitamins, kiwi makes a great food for your skin.

WATER – Last and most important on our list for healthy, glowing skin is to drink plenty of water. Especially during the dry seasons, if you notice your skin is looking parched, maybe your body is not getting enough water. If you do not enjoy drinking plain water, you could go for infused water and keep your skin well-hydrated. Infuse your water with fruits of your choice like lemon, cucumber or berries and sip through the day. You will notice the difference when your skin is happy.

We know that skin is the largest organ in our body. And if it is telling you something, you need to listen to it. No matter how you treat your skin externally, a healthy diet is essential to get things right on the inside.

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