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Panthenol 101: Facts, Uses, And Benefits On Your Skin

Panthenol 101: Facts, Uses, And Benefits On Your Skin

It’s pretty easy to miss out on certain ingredients we use in our daily lives and especially when it comes to skincare. Take panthenol, for instance, maybe you’ve heard about it, or perhaps you haven’t. The chances are 50-50 for now. But that’s about to change.
Panthenol can be found in most skincare products and even in our food! For instance– avocado, sunflower seeds, and mushrooms, to name a few.
So then, let’s get into what panthenol is, what it does, and the results you can get from it. Here we go!


Panthenol is a chemical similar to pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), also known as – provitamin B5, Butanamide, Pantothenol Alcohol, and Dexpanthenol. Interestingly, this chemical is used in both hair-care and skincare products. If you’re probably wondering what the difference between panthenol and pantothenic acid is, basically, panthenol is the alcohol form of pantothenic acid. After applying panthenol (pro vitamin B5) onto your skin, it turns into Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid with the occurrence of a reaction. It also contains water-retaining qualities, which allow for hydration on your skin. Apart from being a humectant, it is also an efficient emollient, meaning it also improves the texture of your skin and smoothens it.
Another fact about Panthenol is that it is one type of Vitamin B among eight others. Three of which are used for hair care and skincare. Do you know what the other two are? Yes, exactly! Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide and Vitamin B7 or Biotin.


The part about how panthenol is used in skincare and how you can introduce this ‘under the radar’ ingredient in your skincare routine.

  • This ingredient is used in skincare and can mix well with certain ingredients while also being gentle.
  • It is used in hair-care products to improve the strength and shine of your hair.
  • Also used in manicure and pedicure treatments specifically for the nails.


Panthenol can generally be used for all skin types as it moisturizes and improves the skin barrier’s capacity by preventing water loss. However, it works best for people with dry skin or flaky skin types. The dry or flaky skin type condition occurs either genetically or due to environmental factors such as pollution, grease, grime, free radicals, etc. The reason why experts would recommend panthenol for the dry skin type lies in the fact that it is an excellent hydrating agent that is also a gentle moisturizer. You can consider adding panthenol to your skincare routine if you have a dry skin type.


For most ingredients used in skincare products, there is always the possibility of a side effect if the combinations don’t line up with your skin type. However, in the case of panthenol, the likelihood of getting a side effect is very low, and most people can tolerate it well.


  • Cosrx B5 D-Panthenol CreamProduct image of B5 D-Panthenol CreamThe COSRX B5 D-PANTHENOL CREAM is an excellent choice for your daily skincare routine. This Korean skincare product contains 10% of D-Panthenol ingredients and 29 other EWG Green grade ingredients and does not contain any artificial fragrances. It is a daily multi-functional cream with a soothing effect that you can add to your skincare routine to strengthen your skin barrier. The panthenol-based product will also hydrate your skin and improve its elasticity giving you that smooth textured look.
  • Cosrx Balancium B5 D-Panthenol AmpouleProduct Image of B5 D-Panthenol AmpouleThis product has a slightly more concentration than the COSRX B5 D-Panthenol Ampoule. It has a concentration of 30% in its d-panthenol content. It can be mixed with other lotions, essences, and also cream. As a multifunctional ampoule, it strengthens the skin’s barrier and hydrates it from within, giving you smooth textured, and fresh-looking skin. This Korean skincare product is also an EWG verified or green grade containing no artificial fragrances. You can consider adding this to your daily skincare routine to enhance skin texture and moisture.


  • After cleansing and toning your face, apply an ample amount of COSRX B5 D-PANTHENOL CREAM and gently massage it across your face (can be used as a daily).
  • As for the COSRX B5 D-Panthenol Ampoule, you can add one or two drops to the serum or moisturizer of your choice.


  • Enhance Collagen ProductionAfter continued use of panthenol, you will notice changes in your skin’s moisture retention abilities. Since panthenol has a smaller molecular weight than ingredients like glycerin (another humectant), it can penetrate further into the stratum corneumpast the epidermis. With the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, it also helps multiply fibroblasts, which in turn secretes collagen, which maintains the structure and strength of the skin barrier, allowing better moisture retention.
  • Improve Your Skin’s TexturePanthenol is an excellent humectant, but it is also an effective emollient. An emollient helps to improve your skin’s texture by sealing in the gaps. This also helps improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture, leaving your skin hydrated, smooth, and soft.
  • Anti-InflammatoryPanthenol can be found in ointments to treat itchiness or even wounds with its anti-inflammatory properties. As for skincare products, panthenol is effective against sunburns and dehydrated skin.

The bottom line is – panthenol has a pretty low likelihood of causing any harm to your skin. You can consider trying our recommendations if you are facing dehydrated skin issues.

Class Dismissed!

Have you tried either of the COSRX B5 D-PANTHENOL products yet? If yes, let us know the results in the comment section below.

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