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Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Through The Pandemic

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Through The Pandemic

With the Covid-19 pandemic looming large over our heads, our regular routines have gone for a toss. And as we learn to adapt to the new normal, we also need to make healthy choices through the lockdown. Our lifestyle choices will determine the condition of our health in the future. And with viruses like Covid-19 around, it becomes even imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will also boost our immune system.

Tips To Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

With the new normal, yes, there are limited choices for eating healthy or staying active. Even with these limitations, you can still make some healthy choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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So, we are trapped within the cocoons of our homes, to stay away from the coronavirus. And the more we stay in, the more we seem to be reaching out for the snacks and junk foods. These junk foods and processed foods can pull down our immune system instead of building it up. We need to start a healthy diet that will fortify our immune system, not break it. If you are staying in, do it for a useful purpose.

As we already know, the only remedy for fighting the coronavirus is by having a robust immune system. So, build a diet that will boost your immune system. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; incorporate a lot of vitamins and minerals, fibers to maintain a healthy diet. Stock up on nuts and whole grains for snacking in between, they keep hunger at bay. Choose healthy fats, unsaturated fatty acids like olive oil, and sesame oil. And reduce the three main culprits from your diet – sugar, salt, and fats.

P.S. Here are some superfoods that can help you maintain healthy skin.


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If you are hell-bent on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and building immunity from the virus, well, you also got to drop some unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol or smoking. Maybe, you will never get a better time like this lockdown to stave off your drinking or smoking. With the social distancing norms, you know that social gatherings are not happening too soon, so there are no peers to tempt you.

These bad habits can have severe and damaging effects on your overall health. So, this is a good time to skip them and look at ways to keep yourself healthy and happy.


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With the pandemic blues, it looks like our healthy, active lives have come to a halt, and the new normal has given way to a sedentary lifestyle. Devoid of outdoor activities due to corona fear, the new norm has been watching television or movies, working on computers, or engaging in Smartphone activities. These new lifestyle factors can alter the state of our health in the long run. Therefore, we need to inculcate physical activities in our daily routine, keeping in mind the social distancing norms.

Even though gyms are shut, you can still go for morning or evening walk, while avoiding crowds. Go for biking or hike-around, if there are places to explore. Engage in playing badminton, cricket, or outdoor games if you have some space outside your home. If space is not enough, you can still do yoga, push-ups, and other physical exercises, even within your home’s confines. The idea is to keep your body moving and not stay idle during this time.

The other important but often overlooked, healthy lifestyle is to stay well-hydrated. Proper hydration is vital for our health; dehydration can lead to a lot of health issues. You can also add many water-based fruits and vegetables in your diet like cucumber, watermelons, etc. Pandemic or not, make sure you stay well hydrated all the time.


So, you have tried everything during this lockdown and still got some time on your hand; then, this is an excellent time to build a skincare routine and pamper your skin. With our regular and hectic lives before the pandemic, how many of us get the time to make a proper skincare routine and stick to it? If your skin tells the story of a hectic lifestyle, this is an excellent time to rectify it. Know your skin type and begin with a basic skincare routine like cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sunscreen.

As you follow it up and see the results, you will know how to add more skincare steps in between the routine. Show some love, and when the lockdown is over, you will be grateful for investing some time and love into your skin.

Not sure how to get started? We’re more than happy to help guide you.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: The Bottomline

There are many more things to indulge in between these healthy lifestyle habits, like reading your favorite books, watching good movies, a little bit of gardening, DIYs, and more. The point is to keep yourself active, do the things you love, and stay safe.

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