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How Korean Skincare Relieved My Acne: By Vizono Khesoh

How Korean Skincare Relieved My Acne: By Vizono Khesoh

When it comes to skincare, dealing with acne can be a troublesome affair. For blogger Vizono Khesoh, it was not an easy affair either. But, thanks to Korean skincare, Vizo was able to overcome her acne troubles, slowly but steadily. Read on to learn more…

My Acne Troubles: The Beginning

It was in the year 2016 that I first saw an acne pop up on my face. I was quite taken aback at the first sight of acne on my skin as I never had to deal with problematic skin throughout my school and college days.

It all began when I started working. Overnight, my forehead became a mine field of pustules, closed comedones, and papules. I got breakouts on my cheeks and jaw line in 2018 (another first in my skin’s history) which left me with stubborn PIE or Post-inflammatory Erythema. PIE is described as pink or red spots that occur as a result of picking or popping acne, thereby causing trauma to the blood vessels underneath the skin.  It was painful, and left me physically and emotionally insecure.

Before and after using korean skincare products. Acne breakouts on skin before and calmer, clearer skin after.

It must have been my hormones, or work stress which led to adult acne, a term I thoroughly researched. As I explored the cyber space for more information on acne treatment, my quest for answers led me to skincare Reddit. There, I found the Asian beauty Reddit where I was introduced to the world of Korean skincare and beauty.

From the slimy skin ingredients like snail mucin, to using low pH cleansers, and keeping your skin hydrated to terms like ‘acid mantle’ and PIE/PIH, I was amazed at the plethora of skincare information that was available online. I kept browsing for more information on skincare and devoured everything I could find on acne and how to treat it.

Getting To Know My Skin

Gradually, I understood the mistakes I was making. It was mostly trusting products blindly in the market which had sub-par ingredients and efficacy. I was DIYing a lot too, and supplements never really addressed my skin condition. I realized that my skin was dehydrated, and my skin barrier was compromised. Then, I started following Gothamista’s and LiahYoo’s content on YouTube regularly. Eventually, I learned how to choose the right products and listen to my skin.

The Start of My Korean Skincare Journey

I started with the Cosrx low pH cleanser, the BHA and introduced the AHA liquid after some time. Another important product was The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide serum with Zinc. The Cosrx pimple patches were also a life saver and so was the Nivea cream during winter since I could not use any other product and, skin barrier creams were not available then. These four products helped my skin a great deal. In fact, I could see visible results after a month’s use of each product.

Along the way I introduced other categories such as sleeping packs, hydrating toners, vitamin c serums etc. I believe all these products helped me to maintain a strong skin barrier in one way or the other.

My Essentials

To this day, I still have four core products in my skincare routine, which I believe make up an essential skincare routine for acne troubles.

A low pH cleanser: Adding a low pH or pH balanced cleanser in your routine helps to remove excess sebum, and unclog pores, thus preventing your skin from getting more breakouts.

A BHA and an AHA exfoliant: Both AHA and BHA chemical exfoliants help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells on the skin, to reveal healthier, radiant skin underneath.

10% Niacinamide serum: Other than brightening your overall skin tone, niacinamide also comes with anti-inflammatory properties. This means, they have the ability to heal acne spots and redness. It also helps to balance oil and sebum production, so as to prevent further breakouts.

Cosrx pimple patches: They are developed using unique hydrocolloid material that extracts impurities from acne. These patches help in reducing redness and inflammation, and aids in healing acne faster.

Accepting My Skin

K-beauty has helped me immensely in repairing my skin barrier, and preventing acne to a large extent. I do get acne from time to time, but that is life and I’m okay with it, since I have an arsenal full of skincare warriors.  Another very important thing to keep in mind would be to give your products and skin, time to work its magic. No product will give you overnight results. I believe patience, perseverance and K-beauty will give you the skin you deserve in the long run.

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Have you ever experienced acne troubles in your life? What products have you used? Are there any products that have transformed your skin? do share in the comments below.

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