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Fermented ingredients have been central to Korean skincare for a long time. The process of fermentation has been adapted in many, different nations for centuries for the skin benefits it yields. For that matter, anything that is good for skin is loved by women around the world. No doubt, skincare products with fermented ingredients have had a cult following in the recent years.

The process of fermentation is simple, yet it yields powerful ingredients that benefits the skin. The process involves adding yeast to natural ingredients, that releases enzymes and helps in yielding new ingredients that are extremely beneficial for the skin. The breakdown of molecules by enzymes lead to the formation of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins that are absolutely skin loving ingredients.

There are three ways in which fermented ingredients score above the active ingredients that are not fermented. Let’s talk about them.

First thing, the process of fermentation produces substances that are smaller in molecular sizes. This makes it easier for your skin to absorb the ingredients more effectively. While the molecular size of actives that have not gone through fermentation are larger in sizes. So, it is unable to penetrate your skin in ways that fermented ingredients can do.

If you are using products with fermented ingredients, then you know your skin is absorbing its maximum benefits.

Secondly, the process of fermentation helps in reducing skin irritations. It is possible that the natural ingredients may contain substances that may be hazardous for the skin. Like heavy metals or pesticides that can be toxic for your skin. During fermentation, these toxic substances are neutralized, so they can no longer damage your skin. Fermented ingredients make the skincare product safer and more appropriate for sensitive skin.

Thirdly, as discussed above in the fermentation process, the process itself yields ingredients that are beneficial for skin. When microorganisms are added to natural material, enzymes are secreted that further breaks down the molecules in the natural ingredient. This gives rise to amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins that help to strengthen your skin barrier and give you healthier, and well-nourished skin.

For all the benefits it yields, it is no wonder that skincare products with fermented ingredients are on the rise. It is not only good for the skin but it makes a safer, and absolute healthier choice over other actives in natural ingredients too.

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