Do You Want Younger, And Beautiful Eyes? Dig Our Favourite Eye Creams That Promises To Instantly Transform Your Eyes.

Do You Want Younger, And Beautiful Eyes? Dig Our Favourite Eye Creams That Promises To Instantly Transform Your Eyes.

Who isn’t bothered by dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles around the eyes? The age factor, then our erratic lifestyles, unhealthy food habits and inadequate sleep hours can all affect the gentle areas around our eyes. Dark circles can be genetic, which is caused due to over production of melanin. But puffy eyes can be caused by de-hydration and lack of proper sleep. We can minimize the signs of aging around our eyes by choosing the right eye products and taking proper care.

We have two of our best-selling eye creams that promises to brighten, firm and hydrate the area around the eyes. Read on and take your pick.

The Acwell Licorice Eye Cream

The Acwell Licorice Eye Cream is a great addition to the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing line. It has already become a cult favourite for those with eye woes. As the name suggests, the star ingredients are licorice root water and licorice root extract. When it comes to licorice as a skincare ingredient, it has been proven to show substantial results in skin brightening effects while improving hyperpigmentation. Other ingredients include peptides, and caffeine that helps in firming and reducing puffiness around the eyes. Other major antioxidants include green tea, blueberry extracts, and glutathione. The texture is light and silky on the skin, absorbs easily without being too greasy and leaves the undereye area soft and nourished. So, if you are looking for an eye cream that brightens, firms and takes care of fine lines as well, go for this one.

The Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel

The other eye gel that caught our attention is The Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel from Klairs. The star ingredients in this gel moisturizer are caffeine and red bean extract to de-puff the eye area. They also work together to lighten the dark circles and improve skin tone around the eyes. It comes in a light and refreshing texture that is easily absorbed, and leaves behind a cool and refreshing feel when you apply it.If you are looking for a refreshing eye cream, that can hydrate and awaken fatigued eyes that needs an instant lift, try this eye gel.

Which is your favourite eye cream? Is there any particular eye cream that has truly transformed your eye area? Tell us more in the comments below

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