In-Depth Review of the Cosrx Full Fit Propolis Line

In-Depth Review of the Cosrx Full Fit Propolis Line

This year my favourite brand COSRX expanded its Propolis Line. The previously skin-nourishing 20 ml Propolis Light Ampoule is now available in 30 ml for the same price, has a humongous  280 ml Toner and 65 ml Face Cream. All three products more or less have similar ingredients with different concentrations of propolis.  Doesn’t this sound exciting?

Now, why this line excites me so much? Propolis as an ingredient has amazing skin hydrating, nourishing, anti-bacterial and skin barrier improving ability, with almost no risk of irritation, unless one is allergic to bees or honey.

For whom is this line made for?

This entire line targets sensitive, acne-prone skin which often deals with excessive dehydration and surface dryness. So every skin type can enjoy all the three products.

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All the 3 products have similar base ingredients and are absolutely free from essential oils  and are fragrance-free:

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I am in love with the sleek simple packaging of new Cosrx products!

The toner comes in a 280 ml transparent cylindrical bottle with a flip on cap.

The ampoule comes in a 30 ml sturdy plastic bottle with a dropper.

The cream comes in a 65 ml sturdy plastic tub with a roll on cap.


The Toner has watery consistency but has the amazing slip and bounce to it.

Toner Sinks in quickly leaving skin soft and moist.

The ampoule has a very viscous consistency just like a honey.

But surprisingly ampoule get absorbed quickly without any stickiness.

The cream has a rich texture, and the consistency is like a gel cream.

The cream does take some extra time to get absorbed fully and can feel sticky sometimes.


For my own dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin, I loved this line, especially the toner. It is something, that I see myself using all year round. When I use all 3 products together for few days, I see the healthy glow on my skin and also my skin looked plump.


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