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Best Under Eye Creams for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Best Under Eye Creams for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Under Eye Creams for Dark Circles

Do you often look tired, even when you’ve had a full night’s rest? Dark circles under the eyes can be incredibly stubborn and hard to get rid of. From lack of sleep to genetics, there are many potential causes for those pesky dark circles. But don’t lose hope – there are some incredible under eye creams and treatments that can help brighten and revive the area around your eyes.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Korean under eye creams that target dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, and dryness. Using innovative ingredients like snail mucin, retinol, ginseng and peptide complexes, these formulas provide intense hydration and nourishment to renew the delicate eye area. Let’s dive in!

COSRX Snail Repair Eye Combo

COSRX Snail Repair Eye Cream

This rejuvenating duo from COSRX utilizes the benefits of snail secretion filtrate to hydrate, plump, and brighten tired eyes. The COSRX Snail Peptide Eye Cream is packed with 72% snail mucin along with 5 different peptides that work to minimize fine lines and wrinkles while restoring elasticity. Niacinamide gives an extra brightening boost.

The companion Snail Hydrogel Eye Patches take hydration to another level with cooling gels infused with snail extract. These ultra-soothing patches depuff and revitalize the eye area. Used together, this power couple provides intense moisturization while fading dark circles and signs of fatigue.

Beauty of Joseon Revive Eye Serum: Ginseng + Retinal

Beauty of Joseon Revive Eye Serum
Beauty of Joeon Eye Serum

Harnessing the powers of traditional Korean ginseng and modern retinal, this vegan eye serum from Beauty of Joseon eye serum tackles multiple eye area concerns at once. The silky texture glides on and gets to work hydrating, brightening, firming, and smoothing fine lines.

Retinal (a gentler form of retinol) stimulates collagen production to improve elasticity and target wrinkles. Ginseng has been used for centuries in Korean skincare for its nourishing and revitalizing properties. This potent combo makes for an ultra-effective yet gentle formula that’s even suitable for sensitive skin types.

COSRX Advanced Snail Hydrogel Eye Patches

COSRX Advanced Snail Hydrogel Eye Patches
COSRX Advanced Snail Hydrogel Eye Patches & Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

These ultra-hydrating COSRX advanced snail hydrogel eye patches are infused with snail secretion filtrate to deliver a concentrated boost of rejuvenating moisture and nutrients right where you need it most. The bioactive ingredients in snail mucin like glycoproteins, glycolic acid, and antimicrobials help repair damaged skin and improve elasticity.

The patches also contain niacinamide to brighten and even out skin tone in the eye area. These cooling gel patches come in two sizes to let you customize the fit – use the smaller ones just on your undereye or the larger ones for the entire eye area and upper cheeks. They instantly depuff and revive dull, fatigued eyes.

COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

A cult favourite, this COSRX advanced snail peptide eye cream combines snail secretion filtrate with a powerful peptide complex to target multiple signs of ageing around the delicate eye area. The 72% snail mucin extract provides intense hydration and skin-regenerating benefits.

Meanwhile, the blend of five peptides works on multiple fronts – firming, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and enhancing brightness. Niacinamide also lends its brightening powers to diminish darkness and discolouration. This multi-tasking cream visibly improves the look of crepey undereye skin by plumping it up with moisture.

Tips for Brighter, More Well-Rested Eyes

In addition to investing in high-quality eye creams and treatments, try these tips to maximize brightness and combat undereye issues:

Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can accentuate dark circles and make undereye areas look sunken and tired. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and use a hydrating eye cream morning and night.

Use a Cooling Eye Mask: Applying a chilled eye mask or treatment like COSRX’s Hydrogel Eye Patches can immediately reduce puffiness and dark shadows by constricting blood vessels.

Get Enough Sleep: While using an eye cream can’t reverse sleep deprivation, getting 7-9 hours per night will help prevent premature ageing and give your eyes a more rested, radiant appearance.

Apply with a Gentle Touch: The thin undereye area is delicate. Always use your ring finger to gently tap or massage in eye products, using minimal pressure.


Korean skincare brands like COSRX and Beauty of Joseon are pioneering some serious innovations in undereye care. By harnessing unique ingredients like snail mucin, retinal, ginseng and peptide complexes, these formulas provide comprehensive solutions to dark circles and other eye area woes.

From intense hydration to brightening to firming and plumping, the right eye cream can truly work wonders when it comes to rejuvenating tired, dull peepers. Make sure to gently massage the products around your orbital bone and be diligent about using an eye cream daily (and masking 1-2 times per week). Your fresh, wide-awake gaze will thank you!


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